Teknesia Inglés

Who we are

We are a professional, competitive, dynamic and creative team. We have created Teknesia in order to unify ideas while nurturing each other. Our rapport is always reflected in the quality of our work, which doesn’t leave any of our clients indifferent.

What we do

We do Markeativity, a concept which unifies marketing, design and creativity. We do SEO, SEM, Social Networks, web pages, flyers, posters, logos, videos, photography and various services adapted to our client’s needs inasmuch as we know all of them are unique.

What we’ve done

We have done different multidisciplinary works with which we have gained experience and improved our skills. That’s why we know what we do on each project. You can see some examples of our work, there are different styles and we can fit yours.



How we contribute

We contribute our bit to improve the world by offering some of our services for reduced prices, even for free, to organizations, associations and non-profit projects. This way we turn our creativity and work into solidary elements accessible to everyone.



We think it is essential to walk in your shoes to understand your needs and to know how do you see the world to offer you our best.


We give wings to your ideas. We attempt to be creative by putting in the balance that little bit of necessary madness along with all the common sense you need.


Our commitment to you as a client will always be based on offering quality work along with good communication and punctual delivery.



We love what we do and we are passionate about our work. We take every project as new challenge in which we involve 100%.


Our team

We are a small team with great capabilities. In the creative process, you also are part of this team, and we get involved in your goals, as they become also ours. Our passion for what we do is reflected on what we offer. We are stubborn so we do not stop until we reach ideal results, and although we do not like to get up early, we always do it with a smile, motivated by knowing that there are many ideas to develop every day. We want to achieve that working with us turn out to be pleasant, enjoyable and so we can grow together.